Bearded Josh Homme appreciation post  (@ Belfort 2011)

(Bonus: 2 B&W beard + smoking)


Jho, Morgana Robinson, Matt Berry #toastoflondon


Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Omfg that MLP fanart I am fucking DYING. It burns!

We need a group hug.

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I can't reblog that fucking pony picture but I laughed in the most horrified, broken way

It is truly terrifying but I’m happy we’re all in this together.

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QOTSA at @officialrandl Reading 2014


i can’t fucking believe this

i never thought i’d find the part of the internet where bronies drew qotsa fanart

i’ve gone too deep

and i can never go back

This is so disturbing. I want you all to share my pain. I’m sorry.